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  ◊ What is the difference between a Performance Track and Karaoke?
Quality. Performance Tracks are generally required by professional singers or serious students who want something they can perform with as if there were a full orchestra present. This often means customization of feel, tempo, and key for each singer. Another difference is that Karaoke disks often come with embedded lyrics that will play back on a Karaoke machine. Performing Arts Technology tracks do not have embedded lyrics.

  ◊ How do you create these tracks? Are musicians used?
Yes, musicians are used, but as our name implies, we use the latest in musical technology to get fullest sound possible. See our Technology Page under 'About Us'.

  ◊ What is the difference between MP3 format and WAV format?
WAV format is CD quality. MP3 is compressed down from WAV to make it easier to download. Typically an MP3 file is about 3 times smaller than a WAV file. MP3 is what is used on an iPOD. If you plan to perform with the track, we strongly suggest that you use the WAV format. If you only plan to use it on an iPOD, select MP3. If you need both, select WAV - then you can use iTunes to convert it to MP3. (You cannot convert the other direction, however!)

  ◊ Do you offer higher quality formats?
Yes. Performing Arts Technology can create 48kHz, 24-bit recordings (DVD quality). This is suggested if you are planning to use the track in a recording. This is offered free-of-charge for Fully Custom work. For Semi-Custom, a $15 surcharge applies.

  ◊ You say that all Performing Arts Technology tracks are legal. Does this mean I can perform with them anywhere I want?
No. Performing Arts Technology warrants that it has the right to customize a track for you. Moreover, all of the software and hardware is legally purchased, and musicians and composers have been legally compensated. And, you will never need to pay Performing Arts Technology for any additional royalties. But, performance rights are different. We cannot offer legal advice, and if in doubt, seek your own legal opinion. However, there are some general guidelines about performance rights:
      ◊ Not-for-profit:   Not-for-profit teaching situations are generally ok to perform.
      ◊ Clubs and performing venues:   Most clubs and performing venues have a blanket relationship with
      ASCAP which covers the royalties for most things performed at the venue. Check with your venue.
      ◊ Radio and television:   For radio and television performances, you will probably need special permission
      from the composer's representative.

  ◊ What about recording rights?
You have the complete right to record with Performing Arts Technology tracks, and you will never need to pay Performing Arts Technology for any additional royalties. However, this does not give you the right to sell your recording - you will need to get permission from the composer. The easiest way to get this permission for most songs is from the Harry Fox Agency .

  ◊ Can I record at Performing Arts Technology?
Yes! The recording studio is in Berkeley, California. So if you are in the area, please consider us for your recording. Contact us.

  ◊ I only need a track with guitar and drums (or piano and bass). Should I use Performing Arts Technology?
Probably not. Find some local musicians and pay them. They will be happy and you can work with them directly. To be honest, we can't be competitive until there is at least a small brass combo, or strings involved.

  ◊ Can you compose something for me?
No. We can arrange, orchestrate, perform, and produce your composition though.

  ◊ Can you handle a large orchestra?
Yes. We have managed projects with over 100 instruments.

  ◊ Can I provide an existing track for you to work with?
Yes. Some of our projects have supplied existing Bass, Drum and Piano tracks for example. For best results, contact us before you record your own tracks. Also, note that while we can add to your track, we cannot subtract from it - that is, we cannot, for example subtract a violin from your track and replace it with our own.

  ◊ Can I add human voices in my Custom Track?
Yes. Non-verbal voices ('Ooh', 'Aah', etc.) are included in a custom mix free of charge. Vocalizations with words will require an incremental charge. Contact us for details.

  ◊ What styles can you do?
Most musical styles, including: Pop, Broadway, Jazz, Classical, Big Band, Island, Light Rock.

For Hard Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Punk Rock, etc. we suggest you find some local musicians.

  ◊ What can I change in a Semi-Custom Track?
You can change the tempo, and you can change the key up or down.

  ◊ Can I add instruments in a Semi-Custom mix? Or change the cuts/repeats?
No, sorry. Only the tempo and key can be changed in a Semi-Custom mix.