Precise Customized Music Tracks for Your Skating Program Now you can get a completely customized orchestral track for your skating program, without having to hire an orchestra and book a large recording studio!

The great British Ice Dancing team of Torvill and Dean used the London Philharmonic to create special tracks for them. If you don't happen to have access and funds for that, then Performing arts Technology is a good solution.

Here is an example of what Performing Arts Technology can do for a skating track. In this track we use the piece "Espana" by Chabrier. It is a popular piece, and many parts of it have a good emotional feel for skating. But the problem is that whenever there are big moments in the music, they are immediately followed by quiet interludes. This is fine in the concert hall, but in a skating program it does not build and flow well for a complete program.
  ◊ Espana (segment from the original)
Espana (same segment edited for skating program) Here are some things to note:
    ◊ From 0:05 to 0:37 some quiet passages were removed, maintaining a better build.
    ◊ At 0:44 there is a long musical hold. This accentuates a surprisingly long spiral at the end of a footwork sequence.
    ◊ At 1:19, 1:25 and 1:27 Cymbals are accentuated for jumps.
    ◊ Throughout the instrumentation is slightly changed. Castenets are added. Horns are more "heroic".
Changes like the ones above simply can't be made by editing an existing recording. What is really required is a new arrangement with an entirely new recording. This is what Performing Arts Technology speciialzes in.

Check our our Orchestral Listing. You can get an idea of the quality of work we do,
and you might also get an idea of something that will work for your needs.
If we have already done the piece, your cost will be less. Of course, there still
may be major timing and emotional changes for your custom track.

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